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Are You Being Audited by CRA?

Tax audits can be very scary. There are different types of audits. Some auditors will request information from you that you can simply mail or fax in.

Some will request additional financial disclosure, while others will demand to come to your home or business to perform the audit. During the audit, the auditor will look for areas that you have made mistakes in your return preparation.

You should never agree to an audit when unrepresented, especially if you know that you don’t have all of your receipts and records, or if you know that you have used a bookkeeper in the past that may have made mistakes.

When the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) finds one mistake they will assume there must be more and they will look. We are all human, so mistakes happen. It is vital to minimize the risk of a CRA auditor suspecting “crooked behaviour”.

Our tax audit solutions include a complete review of your file and representation through your audit. We always aim to hold audits in our office and do our best to make the process a smooth one.

If you think, know or feel that you are at risk of being audited, click here to contact us to find out what you can do.