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CRA Penalties for Late Filing

Do not turn your late filing from a tax problem into a criminal problem. Do not make matters worse by delaying. You don’t have to have every bit of information perfect to start protecting yourself and minimizing damages. See the professionals who can help.

Now that you know what happens if you file your taxes late in Canada, you are probably wondering how to file taxes late? Filing taxes late in Canada the right way is crucial. Your behaviour can trigger an audit and it is always a good idea when filing back taxes late in Canada to hire professional representation to deal with the Canada Revenue Agency and ensure that all of your returns are professionally prepared.

The sooner you file your late returns, the sooner you can stop CRA penalties and interest from accumulating on your back tax and stop potentially larger legal problems from occurring. Contact Tax Solutions Canada for a free consultation and to begin the process of dealing with your back taxes and ending your tax problem.