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Canada Revenue Agency Collection Problems

Anytime a person or business has to deal with a bureaucracy it can become very unfair very quickly. If they have more knowledge than you they have more power. We change that unfairness when the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) comes to collect.

A Canada Revenue Agency collection nightmare will usually begin with a letter that contains some type of demand: financial disclosure, proof/evidence of something claimed, payment of a tax debt, demanding a filing, etc…

The difference between a tax problem and a tax nightmare boils down to two things: responding quickly but… also on an informed basis.

Our services ensure that you do not shoot holes in your own feet (or make matters worse) in trying to deal with these issues. CRA agents are not your ‚”friends” and are not ‚”on your side”. The Collection Officer’s job is to collect money quickly and close the file.

Only you can know if that bookkeeper you used may not have been up to snuff, if there was some income you didn’t declare, if you lost your receipts or even if you wrote off more expenses than what you may have been entitled to.

If you are ignoring Canada Revenue Agency collection communications, it’s likely because you are afraid of the consequences that may be associated with the type of tax problem that you have or because you need more time to come up with the money to pay them.

Whatever the reason is, ignoring a Canada Revenue Agency collection problem will result in collection action whether they know what you owe them or not. Canada Revenue Agency collection action is not only used as a method to collect debt  – it is also used as a method to make you comply with CRA requests.

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Here are some of the types of collection action that we routinely help with: