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Received a Notice of Reassessment or Unfair CRA Audit?

A Notice of Objection is often the solution and we get results

There are some CRA assessments you may receive that can cost you a significant amount of money:

A CRA assessment can be costly if it doesn’t go your way.

You don’t have to simply accept a CRA assessment. You can object to a CRA assessment or audit by filing a Notice of Objection. If successful, the CRA can retract a previous decision and the according penalties and interest.

A Notice of Objection is a time-sensitive process. You have to file within specified time frames. If you have a Notice of Reassessment, CRA assessment or tax audit that you disagree with, contact us as soon as possible for a complimentary review of your file.

We routinely negotiate highly successful outcomes through the objection process for our clients. We get results! We have ex-CRA auditors and legal professionals on our tax team that understand the intricacies of filing an objection.

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