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Directors’ Liability is a Major CRA Collections Problem. We Can Help!

When your corporation has a tax liability, the CRA will deploy every tool in their arsenal to collect the money owed. Directors’ liability is one of these tools. Directors’ liability is when the CRA holds a corporation’s directors personally responsible for said corporation’s tax debt in the case of payroll deductions and GST amounts owing.

This could mean placing liens on the directors’ assets, freezing bank accounts, garnishing wages and much more. Even if your corporation is no longer operating the CRA can still pursue you indefinitely until you do something about it! Even though you are no longer a director of your corporation the CRA can still come after you for two years after your resignation with an assessment for director’s liability!

If you are, or even were, the director of a corporation that has a CRA collections’ problem, you must act fast to know your rights and options. We can help you.

We can assist you with your CRA problems by providing different strategies and options that protect your personal interests and even to stop a directors’ liability assessment. We can also negotiate with the CRA to stop collection action being taken against you on a director’s liability matter.

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