Facing a CRA Tax Audit? We Can Help

With over 55 years of collective experience working within the CRA, Tax Solutions Canada is uniquely equipped to help you through the CRA tax audit process.

Canada Tax Solutions can effectively:

  • Review your unique situation
  • Develop a strategy to manage the CRA audit process for you
  • Negotiate with the CRA to ensure a fair and clear process
  • Avoid potential prosecution and penalties
  • Review and submit post audit proposals on your behalf
  • Help secure a more favourable outcome


Free Tax Consultation


Our Ex-CRA Auditors Can Manage The Tax Audit Process For You

The moment the CRA starts asking questions you should be on high alert. Sometimes what may appear to be a basic request for information can be the beginning of a formal CRA audit. Sometimes your answers to very basic questions can be the triggers the CRA needs to look through your tax profile and initiate a formal tax audit.

If they views your activities as nefarious, you could face the full wrath of the CRA.  A tax audit that doesn’t end up in your favour can cost you with:

Do not undergo a CRA audit unrepresented. If the CRA has started asking questions, contact us immediately for a free consultation. Our team of ex-CRA auditors offers you a free initial consultation,  which we review your unique situation over the phone to develop a strategy to manage the CRA audit process for you and ensure a favourable outcome. To request your free consultation, please call us at (855) 662-7229, or fill in the form on the top of this page.

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