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With over 55 years of collective experience working within the CRA, Tax Solutions Canada is uniquely equipped to help you stop CRA garnishment.

Canada Tax Solutions can effectively:

  • Review your unique tax situation
  • Develop a strategic plan to solve your CRA garnishment issues
  • Reduce or eliminate CRA wage garnishments
  • Stop collection calls
  • Get bank accounts unfrozen


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Get Ex-CRAs to Fight On Your Behalf

When CRA collections are after you, life can become very stressful, very quickly. When the CRA wants their money, they will be quick to issue a requirement to pay, wage garnishment or other enforcement action that can cause you serious financial turmoil.

Unlike other creditors, the CRA can impose a garnishment on your wages without even having to get a court order. So the garnishment can happen without any warning.

A CRA garnishment can be applied at up to 50% of your earnings if you are employed and have taxes deducted at the source. Other income, like subcontractor income, can be garnisheed by the CRA up to 100%.

For self-employed individuals a the CRA can send a notice to a business’s clients to re-direct all payments for invoices to the CRA.

These drastic enforcement and collection actions may be instituted against you in many cases without notice or forewarning and without consideration of your personal needs or your personal circumstances.

We routinely negotiate the reduction and removal of CRA enforcement action such as wage garnishments.

Our team of ex-CRA experts, legal professionals and negotiators will step in between you and CRA collections agents to:

Once, we get your garnishment reduced and often eliminated, the next step is to get deal with the root of your tax problem. There are many programs available that, especially when administered by a professional, can result in significant relief from tax debt. These programs are provided by the CRA but often require a knowhow and understanding of CRA rules, policies and procedures.

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