Solve Your Tax Problems With A Tax Lawyer

With over 55 years of collective experience working within the CRA, Tax Solutions Canada’s tax lawyers are uniquely equipped to help you with a variety of tax issues.

Canada Tax Solutions can effectively:

  • Review your unique tax situation
  • Develop a strategic plan to solve your tax issues
  • Represent you during tax litigation
  • Negotiate with the CRA to provide you with a more favourable outcome


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Get The Right Representation to Fight The CRA

A tax problem such as late returns, an objection to a return, undisclosed income, an allegation of tax evasion or a CRA collection problem can lead to tax litigation and time spent in tax court. Having an advocate in your corner that specializes in tax law will be critical to your success.

Tax Solutions Canada is uniquely equipped because we offer a total solution to people who have tax problems. Our tax team are comprised of:

We can help you reduce costs associated to resolving your tax problem by applying the right resources to the right problems. For example, a tax litigation issue should be managed by a tax lawyer, while a tax audit may be best managed by an ex-CRA auditor. To request your free consultation, please call us at (855) 662-7229, or fill in the form on the top of this page.

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