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With over 55 years of collective experience working within the CRA, Tax Solutions Canada is uniquely equipped to help you with a variety of tax issues.

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  • Review your unique tax situation
  • Develop a strategic plan to solve your tax issue issues
  • Eliminate or reduce tax penalties and interest
  • Negotiate with the CRA to provide you with a more favourable outcome


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Get Taxpayer Relief For Your CRA Debt

The CRA uses crippling penalties and interest to punish taxpayers who file tax returns late, make mistakes on tax returns, etc. If you are in this situation then you know that these penalties and interest can sometimes double and even triple the size of your tax debt, ultimately making it impossible to repay.

Through a request for taxpayer relief you can make arguments as to why the CRA should forgive some or all of the penalties and interest with regard to your tax debt. CRA debt forgiveness doesn’t include reducing your tax principal but it can result in the complete elimination of penalties and interest.

Some reasons the CRA grants taxpayer relief:

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