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  • Stop CRA collections
  • Disclose income without reprisal
  • Reduce/eliminate wage garnishments, frozen bank accounts
  • Avoid prosecution
  • Object to unfair assessments
  • Apply for fairness - reduce or eliminate penalties and interest

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Looking for a Tax Lawyer, or Need Tax Court Help? You’re in the Right Place!

An accountant is often not equipped to solve serious tax problems – speaking with a tax law/tax litigation expert is your first step towards a solution.

Accountants are great if you simply need to file a current tax return, but if you have a tax problem such as late returns, an objection to a return, undisclosed income, an allegation of tax evasion, a CRA collection problem or the CRA is after you, this can lead to tax litigation and time spent in tax court. Having an advocate in your corner that specializes in tax law will be critical to your success.

Tax Solutions Canada is different because we offer a total solution to people who have tax problems. Our tax team is comprised of:

We can help you reduce costs associated to resolving your tax problem by applying the right resources to the right problems. For example, a tax litigation issue should be managed by a tax lawyer, while a tax audit may be best managed by an ex-CRA auditor. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for dealing with a tax problem. Often people hire a tax lawyer and end up paying massive retainers when their file didn’t even need it – or go to a tax practitioner when they have a matter that is most certainly on its way to becoming a tax litigation issue.

We know tax law and we get results. When you become a Tax Solutions Canada client, we come up with a strategy that deploys the right resources to get you real results in tax court!

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