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Tax Shelter Problem

Tax Shelter Donors: There is a Solution to Your Tax Problem

Tax Solutions Canada (TSC) will find it for you. TSC exists only to solve tax issues. We are experts in dealing with tax shelters such as GLGI, CHT, COIP, Mission Life, RLG, UDP and others. TSC has significant experience in achieving a favorable result with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on your behalf.

Our team includes former Canada Revenue Agency (ex-CRA) professionals who know exactly how the CRA works. We bring over 55 years of collective experience at all levels of the CRA to work for your benefit. We invite you to book a 15 minute telephone consultation with us today to find out how we can help you solve your tax shelter problem.


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What Others Are Saying

“James and his team are outstanding. When I called TaxSolutions I was in a panic. James listened to me, calmed me down, then told me what needed to be done and how he could help. Best call I ever made.”

P.B. Victoria, British Columbia

"When Tax Solutions Canada involved themselves, the situation became very different in that they spoke the tax language, knew the tax laws and could work collaboratively with even the toughest of collectors to work out a settlement. They were able to keep CRA from using extreme collection tactics and provide a sense of relief for me. Overall, I am extremely thankful to Tax Solutions Canada for helping me through a very difficult financial tax situation."

D.C. Toronto, Ontario

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