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We've helped hundreds of Canadians & business owners put an end to their tax problems.

  • Stop CRA collections
  • Disclose income without reprisal
  • Reduce/eliminate wage garnishments, frozen bank accounts
  • Avoid prosecution
  • Object to unfair assessments
  • Apply for fairness - reduce or eliminate penalties and interest

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Want to get relief from tax penalties and interest?

The Taxpayer Relief Program is one way to reduce your tax debt!

The Taxpayer Relief Program is an official program through which you can apply to CRA to have your penalties and interest reduced or removed. There are criteria to qualify under the Taxpayer Relief Program and you must be able to make your case.

This is where we come in. We routinely prepare and process Taxpayer Relief Applications for taxpayers to help them reduce their overall tax debt and cut out unfair interest and penalties. Want tax relief? Contact us today for a free consultation.

How are we different from accountants and tax lawyers?

Our tax team boasts negotiators, former CRA agents, accountants and legal professionals, all with one goal – helping you deal with your tax debt and getting you tax relief. Accountants are happy to prepare your returns but do not have what it takes to negotiate with the CRA when the time comes to play hardball. Tax lawyers will command large retainers ($10,000+), flip on the proverbial ‘taxi meter’ and you will pay dearly for what little help you get. We believe in finding you effective solutions for tax debt and tax relief that consider your financial situation and your future financial goals. We act in your best interests, standing by your side every step of the way. For the best tax representation, count on Tax Solutions Canada and finally get some tax relief!