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I would like to thank you for being patient with me and guiding me skillfully and gently through the whole process.  Considering how nerve wracking this lengthy process is, having TSC on my side was a game changer and it definitely helped me preserve (what’s left of) my sanity.

M.R. Toronto, Ontario

Thank you for all your help and guidance dealing with this horrible issue! I will recommend you to anyone I know that needs a tax solution! I look forward to putting this behind me and moving forward. Thanks again for all your guidance!!

D.C. Mississauga, ON

When CRA contacted me last year, demanding a full payment of my tax arrears within 2 weeks, my initial reaction was one of panic! I did not know where to turn. So I searched the Internet for companies who could help and contacted a few, but was not satisfied with solutions offered. Then I found Tax Solutions Canada. Right from the first conversation, I felt immediately relieved and confident that they would be able to help resolve my situation. Their in-depth knowledge and experience with CRA and the tax system put my worries to rest. This was followed up with a comprehensive and personalized session where I explained my situation and they devised a suitable strategy. They also clearly explained my rights, as well as the rights of CRA. From then on, they completely took over all communication with CRA. That was a huge relief!! It was like hiring a personal lawyer to represent me right through the end of the case. The price was very reasonable with an option of paying in installments which was a great help.

Tax Solutions Canada is a very reliable and professional company that offers a comprehensive service. Their promise was to fully represent me to CRA until a solution was reached. They delivered on that promise and I am very satisfied with their service. I recommend them to anyone who needs help with tax issues.

K.Y. Thornhill, Ontario

Again I can’t thank you enough! My life has been far more calm in so many ways after meeting with you. I have had many family members and friends mention how happy I seem lately. It’s truly a reflection of your hard work and ability to do your profession so great!

J.L. Port Perry, Ontario

I cannot say enough about the service I received from Tax Solutions Canada! They took me from a situation that seemed hopeless, to a settled account and peace of mind in a short period of time in a way that helped me and left my dignity intact! If you feel like I did, that you’re about to drown in a sea of tax burden, these folks are your life line!

E.K. Niagara Falls, Ontario

I wanted to send a short note about James role in discussions. It is without question that the CRA people have tremendous respect for James. The credibility he brings to the table was referenced numerous times; that it shows we are serious and understand the situation if he is advising”

T.F. Toronto, Ontario

When Tax Solutions Canada involved themselves, the situation became very different in that they spoke the tax language, knew the tax laws and could work collaboratively with even the toughest of collectors to work out a settlement. They were able to keep CRA from using extreme collection tactics and provide a sense of relief for me. Overall, I am extremely thankful to Tax Solutions Canada for helping me through a very difficult financial tax situation.

D.C. Toronto, Ontario

From my first meeting with the team at TSC, including Mr. Bell – it was evident that they were very well versed in all areas of enforcement, audit and objecting to CRA’s assessment of interest and the tactics that they take to make life a living hell. Finally a solution that means fighting back against this agency that seems to have so much power to destroy lives – just because a particular or collector decides you are a criminal. I highly recommend the tax team at TSC.

E.M. Barrie, Ontario

James and his team are outstanding. When I called TaxSolutions I was in a panic. James listened to me, calmed me down, then told me what needed to be done and how he could help. Best call I ever made.

P.B. Victoria, British Columbia

Chay, what can we say that hasn’t already been said before. And yet, it bears repeating here; Thank you so much for the service provided by your firm. It went beyond what we had any right to expect. And Chay, thank you for your attention, willingness to listen and keep us updated. You are a STAR young lady. Thank you for all that you’ve done for us.

T.B. Wasaga Beach, Ontario

I also want to thank you for all the help and negotiating you did on our behalf. You and your company really came through for us when we didn’t know which way to turn. Thank you Chay.

L.V. West Vancouver, BC

Thanks, Chay. You are so fabulous! I meant to say that to you earlier when we spoke. You are always so on top of things and always act so promptly and efficiently. I have always thought that of you and am so fortunate to have had you on my file. It was so great that you immediately did all the footwork after we spoke yesterday and then called me first thing this morning to follow up. And same thing today. So impressive that you were able to cover all the bases with the collectors so promptly. You are the greatest and I appreciate so much having had someone as super-competent as you acting on my behalf through the very trying times I’ve been through. Can’t tell you enough how valuable that has been for me, how much peace of mind it has given me knowing you have been so impressively acting on my behalf and how genuinely and deeply I appreciate it. Thank you so much, from the heart, for all of your hard work, Chay!

R.C. Toronto, Ontario

“Thank you again for your work on my file. It has taken a great load off my shoulders.”

C.S. Toronto, Ontario

I don’t even know where to.begin or how to even thank you for lending an ear this morning.  Without even seeing any type of documentation to support my situation .. you offered support, guidance and most of all kindness.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!

L.F. Burlington, Ontario

A CRA policy shift suddenly left me unqualified for a six figure tax credit my company qualified for in the past.  I was left with an unexpected, and personal, six figure tax bill with no way to pay it.  When the CRA’s patience wore out, they were about to freeze my bank accounts. I fight fear with information and did a ton of homework.  It made sense to me that having someone from the CRA, an expat if you will, would be the best advocate for me at the CRA. A tax lawyer made no sense at all.  Pick a fight with the CRA?  You’re kidding right?  So, I called TSC and spoke with James Bell.  He bought the time necessary from the CRA so I could sell some assets at their full value to put things in order. That time saved me tens of thousands of dollars and I paid the CRA in full.  At a time when I had no credit, James was good enough to extend terms for his services and I paid him too.  I never had difficulty contacting James or his assistant once the wheels started turning, and they kept me fully informed along the way so I could sleep.  I highly recommend TSC as a valuable service for those that live outside the tidy financial boxes the Banks and the CRA want us to live in.

S.O. Toronto, Ontario