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Chay Greenberg

Chay Greenberg

Associate, Collections

Chay Greenberg is an Associate at Farber Tax Solutions. She specializes in CRA negotiations and has successfully recommended and implemented countless strategies to address a variety of tax issues. She routinely and effectively liaises with CRA agents at all levels of authority in a variety of departments, including Collections and Appeals.

Prior to being a part of Farber Tax Solutions, Chay joined A. Farber & Partners Inc. in 1996. With over a decade of experience as a manager for Farber’s tax department, Chay has come across nearly every situation that our clients may be dealing with.



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What others are saying

Thanks, Chay. You are so fabulous! I meant to say that to you earlier when we spoke. You are always so on top of things and always act so promptly and efficiently. I have always thought that of you and am so fortunate to have had you on my file. It was so great that you immediately did all the footwork after we spoke yesterday and then called me first thing this morning to follow up. And same thing today. So impressive that you were able to cover all the bases with the collectors so promptly. You are the greatest and I appreciate so much having had someone as super-competent as you acting on my behalf through the very trying times I've been through. Can't tell you enough how valuable that has been for me, how much peace of mind it has given me knowing you have been so impressively acting on my behalf and how genuinely and deeply I appreciate it. Thank you so much, from the heart, for all of your hard work, Chay! R.C. Toronto, Ontario