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James Bell

James Bell

Managing Director, Tax Solutions

James Bell is Managing Director, Tax Solutions at Tax Solutions Canada (TSC) and leads the practice. He is ex-CRA, with previous employment as a long tenured staff member of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) where he gained significant tax experience working in senior roles across many departments, including Audit, Collections, Investigations and Appeals. James brings his outstanding technical knowledge, negotiation skills and deep understanding of the CRA processes and mindset to assist individuals and businesses with tax problems, while being an effective advocate for TSC’s clients.

While at the CRA James applied his skills to a variety of tax areas including Collections, where he negotiated payment arrangements, issued wage garnishments, was involved in files with frozen bank accounts and liens against real estate and other assets. This experience enables him to negotiate and develop strategies that release personal and business assets for clients while a longer term plan is developed to resolve their tax issues.

James was also a CRA Appeals Officer, a quasi judicial role where he reviewed notices of objection filed by taxpayers who were disputing reassessments as a result of an audit. He reviewed the taxpayer’s arguments and compared them to the auditor’s position to determine the correct outcome. James is able to see both sides of the tax issue, have a good insight into what the auditor’s position will be, and ultimately prepare a thorough case for TSC’s clients.

As an Auditor, James audited companies and individuals to ensure they were fully compliant with the Income Tax and Excise Tax Acts. As a result he has deep insight into the audit process and the issues it may uncover enabling him to thoroughly prepare a client’s defense to an audit.

While at the CRA, James also honed his skills in tax avoidance, where he and his team focused on the audit of donation tax shelters, and business intelligence, where he and his team selected personal and corporate files based on various red flag issues, for audit. The latter role gave him the skills to detect issues in client files that may attract CRA attention.

In addition to working with the public, James also supports accountants, legal professionals, mortgage brokers and other financial professionals, helping their clients put an end to their tax problems.

James is keen to help people learn about tax issues and tax law so he is a frequent speaker at Knowledge Bureau events, a forum for accountants and other financial professionals, has contributed to national newspaper articles and was quoted as a tax expert, and has appeared on radio talk shows where individuals call in to ask him about their tax issues.

What others are saying

I wanted to send a short note about James role in discussions. It is without question that the CRA people have tremendous respect for James. The credibility he brings to the table was referenced numerous times; that it shows we are serious and understand the situation if he is advising. T.F. Toronto, Ontario