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If you need to stop a CRA requirement to pay, wage garnishment or other tax problem, we get real results.


When CRA collections is after you, life can become very stressful, very quickly. When the CRA wants their money, they will be quick to issue a requirement to pay, wage garnishment or other enforcement action that can cause you serious financial turmoil. These drastic enforcement and collection actions may be instituted against you in many cases without notice or forewarning and without consideration of your personal needs or your personal circumstances. We offer a variety of services that deliver the tax help you need to obtain relief. Our team of ex-CRA experts, legal professionals and negotiators will step in between you and CRA collections agents to:

  • Stop collection calls
  • Get bank accounts unfrozen
  • Reduce and eliminate CRA wage garnishments and more

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Wage Garnishment

– If CRA collections has imposed a wage garnishment on you, you definitely need tax help. A CRA garnishment can be issued for up to 100% of your employment income and up to 100% of other income, depending on your personal circumstances and situation. Yes, they can leave you with no money to operate your unincorporated business or feed your family.

If the CRA collections department has placed a CRA wage garnishment on your wages or income, or has attempted to intercept your personal or proprietorship income at source, we can help! We can negotiate the reduction or removal of a CRA wage garnishment to your employer or other source of income.


CRA Requirement to Pay

– If you have received a CRA Requirement to Pay demand letter, this means that the CRA is seizing your money. A CRA Requirement to Pay will most commonly be issued to freeze your bank account, or to intercept your business’s accounts receivable directly from your clients! If your bank account is being frozen the CRA will notify you by a copy of that Requirement to Pay to your home or office. Once a CRA Requirement to Pay letter is sent to you, it notifies you that a collection action has already started and that your bank account is therefore frozen, and further that the bank has to remit all funds on deposit to the CRA immediately and for the next calendar year! This can cause major financial and logistical problems, especially for small business owners.

Both of these attack weapons are often used by CRA agents at the same time. They can freeze your bank account, interfere with your customers’ payments to you and seize your wages – and that’s not all. The old Revenue Canada collections department used to collect on past due income tax and GST. The new Canada Revenue Agency has broader authority and collects on both provincial and federal tax debts. Don’t wait until Canada Revenue Agency collections (CRA collections) brings you to your knees. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your tax problem and start coming up with some solutions! The sooner we act, the sooner you can move forward without fear.

Farber Tax Solutions can help you successfully deal with CRA problems. We utilize the experience of our tax experts to:

  • 1| Offer a comprehensive solution that is focused on achieving the most favourable possible outcome for your tax issue;
  • 2| Communicate with the CRA on your behalf and navigate the entire CRA dispute process; and
  • 3| Offer a complete solution to your tax problems, including ex-CRA professionals, lawyers, and experienced accountants.

Success Stories

"The power the CRA holds over individuals is unbelievable. I could not believe we had to experience this treatment and I firmly believe Scott saved the day, our sanity and our financial future. Farber Tax knows their stuff, and I highly recommend them to be in your corner."

Again I can’t thank you enough! My life has been far more calm in so many ways after meeting with you. I have had many family members and friends mention how happy I seem lately. It’s truly a reflection of your hard work and ability to do your profession so great!”

I don’t even know where to.begin or how to even thank you for lending an ear this morning. Without even seeing any type of documentation to support my situation .. you offered support, guidance and most of all kindness. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!