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How to Combat a CRA Garnishment

A CRA garnishment can be devastating. Let Tax Solutions Canada help you deal with your tax problem.

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Thousands of Canadians have their wages garnisheed by the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) each year. A CRA garnishment usually occurs when you owe a tax debt and do not have a payment plan with the CRA or if you are behind filing and the CRA has good reason to believe that you will owe them money and have even assessed it through a notional assessment.

Unlike other creditors, the CRA can impose a garnishment on your wages without even having to get a court order. So the garnishment can happen without any warning.  A CRA garnishment can cause financial devastation. A CRA garnishment can be applied at up to 50% of your earnings if you are employed and have taxes deducted at the source. Other income, like subcontractor income, can be garnisheed by the CRA up to 100%.

Another type of CRA garnishment that is imposed on self-employed individuals is when the CRA sends notice to a business’s clients to re-direct all payments for invoices to the CRA. The CRA can garnishee up to 100% of your invoices.

Losing all of that income makes it impossible for most people to be able to put food on the table, let alone run their business and pay their bills.

In addition to financial devastation, a CRA garnishment can cause disruption and personal humiliation in your personal and professional life. If you are employed or work in a field where you are trusted with financial information or where you have a responsibility to demonstrate that you are financially responsible, having your employer or client served with a CRA garnishment is not only embarrassing but can even cause your employer to question your reliability and trustworthiness.

If your spouse was unaware of your tax problem, they won’t be now! The mere existence of a tax problem can cause financial strain on a marriage. A CRA garnishment that renders you incapable of paying bills will be the source of additional strain.

Here is the good news: you can combat a CRA garnishment.

You don’t have to continue having your wages garnisheed by the CRA. Specialists, like our organization, are experienced in helping taxpayers get CRA garnishments reduced or removed entirely.

Getting the garnishment reduced or removed is only one part of a tax solution. Once you have combatted the CRA garnishment your next step is to get serious about dealing with your tax problem. There are many programs available that, especially when administered by a professional, can result in significant relief from tax debt. These programs don’t involve debt schemes or bankruptcy – just good old-fashioned knowhow and understanding of CRA rules, policies and procedures.

If you would like help dealing with a CRA garnishment please call Tax Solutions Canada at 888-868-1400 or fill out the contact forms on the page.

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