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Tax Solutions Canada (TSC) has assembled a unique team to resolve your tax problems. Our professionals include former Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) employees, lawyers and accountants who collaboratively use their extensive knowledge of CRA policies and procedures to your advantage. You don’t have to deal with the CRA again. You’ll be treated with dignity and respect while we deal with the CRA for you.

Areas of Expertise

At Tax Solutions Canada, we advise and represent business and individuals in all areas of Canadian tax. Our sole focus is to resolve your tax issue in a efficient and effective manner.

Our Services Include:  

Collections & Legal Action

Any amount owed to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is payable in full as soon as you have been assessed or reassessed. Quite often taxpayers are unable to pay their tax debt in full and on time. In these cases, the CRA can use a variety of powers to recover the money you owe. These include: wage garnishments, bank account seizures, real estate and other property liens, and collections actions against related third-parties (for example, your spouse, a business partner, or a related corporation). These recovery options may result in serious financial or legal consequences for you. Once legal proceedings have begun, the CRA will not usually withdraw them until the account is paid in full, or it can be shown that the action is causing undue hardship. Tax Solutions Canada can help you successfully deal with CRA collections. We utilize the experience of our ex-CRA professionals to:

  1. remove existing collections action;
  2. prevent future collections actions; and
  3. help implement an affordable payment arrangement that is acceptable to the CRA.

In some cases, collection actions can even be postponed altogether. Our staff have over 30 years of combined experience working at the CRA and utilize their insider knowledge to help secure the best deal for you.

Audit Support

Whether you’ve received a notice about an upcoming audit, are in the middle of an existing audit, or are concluding an audit, Tax Solutions Canada can help.
Our tax professionals are well-versed in tax audits and can help you manage the process through:

  • Audit Preparation – Tax Solutions Canada provides detailed information regarding how to prepare for an audit and helps get your books and records ready.
  • Audit Representation – Tax Solutions Canada guides you through what to expect during the audit, attends the audit with you and helps you manage the entire audit experience.
  • Proposal Submissions – Once the audit is completed, the auditor will provide you with a proposal outlining findings and proposed adjustments. At this stage, Tax Solutions Canada reviews the audit proposal, identifies areas of improvement, and helps make additional submissions on your behalf to secure a more favourable outcome.

If you disagree with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), you have the right to challenge their decision by filing a Notice of Objection to the Appeals Division. Objecting provides taxpayers with an impartial review of the CRA’s position by its Appeals Division and is oftentimes the final step to resolving tax disputes.

Tax Solutions Canada can provide you with comprehensive support throughout the objections process including a thorough review of the tax dispute and the CRA’s position, a logical and convincing Notice of Objection representing your position, and related negotiations with the CRA on your behalf. Our expertise with objections helps ensure that we resolve your tax dispute as favourably and economically as possible and our past experience speaks for itself – many of our clients reverse or reduce their tax owing.


If you’ve exhausted the objections process and still disagree with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), you have the right to challenge their decision in court. Filing a Notice of Appeal with the Tax Court of Canada gives you the opportunity to have your tax issue reviewed outside of the CRA. It is important to note that virtually all tax court appeals are settled by the Department of Justice before trial.

Tax Solutions Canada can help you navigate the appeals process by reviewing the merits of your tax dispute and recommending the best course of action. In most instances, we can help draft and submit a Notice of Appeal on your behalf and negotiate a favourable settlement with the Department of Justice. If necessary, Tax Solutions Canada can also represent you in Tax Court to ensure that justice is served.

Voluntary Disclosure/Amnesty

The Canadian tax system is based on the principles of voluntary compliance and self-assessment. If you have made an error or omission in reporting to the Canada Revenue Agency, or simply have not filed for any number of years, the Voluntary Disclosure Program allows you to come forward and report the error or omission for relief from penalties, interest and criminal prosecution.

However a voluntary disclosure is not something to be taken lightly and can carry serious repercussions if mishandled. For example, submitting unfiled returns outside of the Voluntary Disclosure Program can lead to significant penalties and interest which could otherwise have been waived. Tax Solutions Canada understands how the Voluntary Disclosure Program works and can help you navigate the process to ensure that your application is valid and accepted.

Taxpayer Relief

In order to promote fairness and equity in our tax system, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has created the Taxpayer Relief Program to resolve tax issues that arise due to the extraordinary circumstances of taxpayers. Under this program, the CRA has the power to:

  1. cancel penalties and interest;
  2. accept late-filed, amended or revoked income tax elections; and
  3. provide income tax refunds beyond the 3-year period normally allowed.

However, applications to the Taxpayer Relief Program are notoriously difficult to get approved. Tax Solutions Canada has years of experience dealing with the Taxpayer Relief Program and can help prepare your application to the CRA. Our expert staff compile and present all of the relevant facts and supporting evidence in the most favourable light to get you the relief you deserve.

Scientific Research & Experimental Development Credits

The Scientific Research and Experimental (SR&ED) Tax Incentive Program encourages Canadian business of all sizes to conduct research and development in Canada. The benefits of the program are twofold. First, it lets you deduct SR&ED expenditures from income for tax purposes. Second, it provides an SR&ED Investment Tax Credit (ITC) which you can use to reduce tax payable, if any. In some cases, the remaining ITC can be refunded.

In recent years, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has begun auditing SR&ED claims extensively and many businesses are finding their valid claims denied. Tax Solutions Canada regularly assists businesses undergoing a SR&ED audit, helping to substantiate their claims with the CRA. Tax Solutions Canada can assist you with the preparation of a SR&ED audit, represent you during the audit, and make post-audit submissions, if necessary.

Tax Shelters

In very general terms, a tax shelter is an arrangement where a taxpayer receives tax benefits and deductions that exceed the net costs of entering into the arrangement. The Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) official position is that these arrangements are not valid. To that end, the CRA has commenced an unyielding crackdown on tax shelter participants. Oftentimes, taxpayers are misled by tax shelter promoters and persuaded to invest into the schemes on the false assurances of tax law compliance and professionally vetted tax structures.

If you have been involved in a tax shelter, Tax Solutions Canada can help. We have significant experience in defending our clients from tax shelter audits and can successfully negotiate a favourable settlement with the Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf.

Provincial Taxes

A disagreement over collections, assessment, disallowance or other determination with your provincial tax authority can be disputed. Similar to the Canada Revenue Agency, all provinces have a tax dispute process which Tax Solutions Canada can help you navigate. Our experienced staff make the process simple and straightforward, and can help you achieve favorable results with your objection or appeal.

Municipal Taxes

With property taxes continuing to rise nationwide, many homeowners are starting to challenge what they see as exorbitantly high demands made on them by their local assessor’s office. If you disagree with your property assessment notice from your local municipality, you have the right to file an assessment appeal.

Reasons for disputing assessments vary but generally revolve around the assessed value of a property exceeding its true market value or identical properties receiving unequal tax treatment. Tax Solutions Canada regularly assists taxpayers interested in challenging their property assessments and has had great success in getting favorable results for our clients.

Farber Tax Solutions can help you successfully deal with CRA problems. We utilize the experience of our tax experts to:

  • 1| Offer a comprehensive solution that is focused on achieving the most favourable possible outcome for your tax issue;
  • 2| Communicate with the CRA on your behalf and navigate the entire CRA dispute process; and
  • 3| Offer a complete solution to your tax problems, including ex-CRA professionals, lawyers, and experienced accountants.

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"The power the CRA holds over individuals is unbelievable. I could not believe we had to experience this treatment and I firmly believe Scott saved the day, our sanity and our financial future. Farber Tax knows their stuff, and I highly recommend them to be in your corner."

Again I can’t thank you enough! My life has been far more calm in so many ways after meeting with you. I have had many family members and friends mention how happy I seem lately. It’s truly a reflection of your hard work and ability to do your profession so great!”

I don’t even know where to.begin or how to even thank you for lending an ear this morning. Without even seeing any type of documentation to support my situation .. you offered support, guidance and most of all kindness. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!