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Finding a Toronto Tax Lawyer You Can Trust


Dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) can be very difficult. Not only is the agency difficult to communicate and negotiate with, but it also has incredibly strong collection powers and legal strength.

Not only are most income tax situations incredibly complex, but they can quickly become incredibly serious. In situations such as tax evasion, CRA appeals, court appearances, undisclosed income issues, and many other tax problems, it’s critical that you have a tax lawyer in Toronto that you can trust to represent your interests and protect your rights.

Working with a Tax Lawyer in Toronto & Beyond


When it comes to handling tax issues and CRA disputes, make sure that you’re not only working with someone you can count on, but with someone who has the knowledge and experience you need. At Farber Tax Solutions, our team is made up of ex-CRA, legal, and accounting professionals who have a proven track record of success.

We provide comprehensive solutions to even the most complex tax problems. Not only can we negotiate with the CRA on your behalf and work to resolve your tax issues, but we manage audits, appeal disputes, notional assessments, tax investigations, and more.

Our Toronto tax lawyers can represent you in CRA meetings as well as in tax court. This includes the Tax Court of Canada and the Federal Court of Appeals.

Trust Farber Tax Solutions to:

  • Review your tax situation and determine the best course of action going forward
  • Represent you in meetings and in court, ensuring that your rights are protected
  • Provide legal representation to reduce the likelihood of CRA penalties, criminal charges, and more
  • Protect you with attorney-client privilege
  • Give you a free consultation to speak with our tax experts about your situation

We know how critical it is to be prepared and to have extensive tax knowledge when it comes to dealing with the CRA. One small misstep can result in serious tax charges, significant financial penalties, and even potential criminal charges.

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Tax Lawyer in Toronto


In recent years, the CRA has been cracking down on those individuals who it believes have evaded taxes or who have not properly disclosed their income. If the agency believes that you have purposefully avoided disclosing all of your income (including any and all foreign income) then it can seek to file very serious tax evasion charges against you.

If you are found guilty of tax evasion, you could face significant penalties including a criminal record and even potential prison time. A tax lawyer in Toronto is vital at this point as you require professional representation to fight against these charges.

At Farber, you’ll work with a Toronto tax lawyer who will make sure that your rights are protected at every step of the way. We will review your situation, work to fully understand the facts presented and the CRA’s position on the matter, and determine the best course of action to resolve your tax problem.

Our Toronto tax lawyers provide professional assistance with CRA dispute resolution and tax litigation. We don’t just communicate with the CRA and defend your interests, but we also provide comprehensive tax solutions to improve your situation and rectify the issue. We work with both individuals and corporations to resolve tax problems.

Contact us today to find out more about working with our team and how a tax lawyer in Toronto can protect your rights and assist you at every stage of the tax dispute process. We offer a free consultation where you can speak with one of our experts about your situation.

Farber Tax Solutions can help you successfully deal with CRA problems. We utilize the experience of our tax experts to:

  • 1| Offer a comprehensive solution that is focused on achieving the most favourable possible outcome for your tax issue;
  • 2| Communicate with the CRA on your behalf and navigate the entire CRA dispute process; and
  • 3| Offer a complete solution to your tax problems, including ex-CRA professionals, lawyers, and experienced accountants.